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This section discusses many different documented sources for the symptom of feels like invisible bugs biting. The medical term for "feels like bugs biting" is formication and the cause is defined as "delusional parasitosis" - a fixation on the itchiness. I believe that this is the typical medical community cop-out and is bullshit. The doctors don't know the reason so they tell the patient that it is "all in their head!". What you feel is real, we just have to find what is causing it and that's why you are here.

I just want to state: while it could be bugs biting there are many other reasons. The hardest thing to do is to keep an open mind because the feeling of bugs biting is so strong. Here's some quotes on what other sufferers have said:

  • Having sensitive skin, you can feel anything that is abnormal to your touch. Lint, Fuzz, speck of dirt, your sweaty hair. Being in a still position you can focus on every part of your body. Every chemical compound, every piece of dust, every harmless substance is setting of alerts to your brain. Why didn't you learn to control this when you where younger? What brought the sudden change in your life that made you become so affected? Your mind has other things to worry about then what these little signals mean. So whats the simplest answer your brain can give you? What would you think was on you? Something you want to get rid of right? SO your brain tells you bugs are crawling on you. I can't but help to believe my brain. Crazy I tell you...Crazy.

  • The thing is, this is kind of like tinnitus. (Ringing in the ears). People with tinnitus hear ringing, and probably initially try to find out what around them is ringing - a lightbulb about to burn out perhaps, a radio left on static, a water pipe with a high pitched whine - but they soon discover the ringing isn't in the room, it's in their ears. Their ears are creating the sensation of sound, where there is no sound in the room that is being processed - although for all the world, that's what it feels like to the person with the condition. nobody is saying your perception of crawling skin is a "made up disease", but rather, a neurological condition similar to tinnitus. And at this point, I think doctors AND patients of people who perceive bugs are crawling on their skin are both equally frustrated - but somehow, people with tinnitus seem very willing to acknowledge there is no actual sound in the room that could be discovered and dealt with. It's their ears sending a signal of sound to their brains. The same with this crawling.

The Causes section is divided into the following subsections:

  • Bugs - this section covers: scabies, mites, Lyme disease, parasites and more. Now here's the cruncher, if you have been fighting these invisible bugs for weeks or months or even years then it is most likely not a bug. Bugs are not invincible, they are living organism and can be killed/exterminated by being boiled, frozen, gassed, poisoned, washed in ammonia or bleach, isolated in bags for weeks, etc.. If you have been doing all of this and you still feel like "invisible bugs are biting" then you must look at other causes! (Those are not real bugs pictured to the left - just a science fiction drawing!)
  • Medical Condition - this section covers medical conditions such as nerve damage, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, folliculitis, candidasis, dermatitis, impetigo, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and more... There are a lot of "side effects" from medical conditions that give you the feeling of "invisible bugs biting". I was truly surprised by what causes this horrible feeling.
  • Allergies - this section discusses how to determine if it is an allergic reaction and what substances have caused the "feels like bug bites" sensation. Your body is a biochemical living organism, no two people are alike. What may be perfectly acceptable to one person may cause a strong allergic reaction to others. You've heard about people who are hypersensitive to peanuts or shellfish and have life threatening allegric reactions, well some allergies manifest themselves with symptoms of "feeling like invisible bugs biting". Wouldn't it be nice to find out that all you have to do is stop eating a certain food or change your laundry detergent and the biting goes away?
  • Stress/Anxiety - this webpage discusses the topic that nobody wants to hear: "Am I crazy?". Well you're not! But there can be psychological problems that can make you more suspectible to physical ailments. When you are stressed, your body reacts by pumping out excess hormones such as adrenalin which can cause all sorts of strange symptoms. When you go through menopause or have a hormonal imbalance, all of these things affect your mind and your body.
  • Environment - This section looks at the environment that you live in. Is there mould in the room? Is there fungus? What is the condition of my water softener, dehumidifier, furnace, air conditioner, etc.. There could be things in your environment that your body is reacting to. It could be airborne, waterborne or physical contact. This section looks at your environment and things that you might not of thought of checking.
  • Supplements - Often we take supplements to make us better, what if those supplements were actually hurting us and causing the symptoms? We should be eating a balance diet that fulfills our bodies daily requirements for nutrition which includes vitamins and minerals. What if we take vitamin supplements and our body is overdosing on something that should be good for us? But instead because you are a unique being, your body is hypersensitive to something that you are taking and causing the "feeling like bugs biting"? What if the medicine that you have been prescribed for another ailment has the side effect of "feeling like bugs biting"? This section explores the supplements that you take and how they may affect you.

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